All 46 Democrats and two Independents in the Senate are fighting to stop the Republicans from ripping away Americans’ health care.

That Democratic firewall has never been more important for the health and opportunity of hard-working American families. But I’ll just be honest: It’s going to be tough to keep that firewall in 2018. The billionaire Koch brothers alone have pledged $400 million to beat Democrats in the midterm elections.

25 members of the Democratic caucus are up for reelection in 2018 (myself included). Ten in states that Donald Trump won last year. We need your help to hold the line.

Tomorrow night is the big quarterly fundraising deadline for Senate candidates like me. I’m sure your inbox is full of people asking you to chip in $3 or $27.

I wanted to recommend three Senators who need your help by midnight:

    • Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin): I was heartbroken last year when Russ Feingold lost his Senate race in Wisconsin. The right-wing smear machine dumped money into Wisconsin at the last minute, and we couldn’t recover. We can’t let that happen to my friend Tammy Baldwin. She’s one of the toughest fighters we’ve got for working families, and we need to keep her.


    • Sherrod Brown (Ohio): My good friend Sherrod Brown is the top Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee, so we work closely together to hold Wall Street accountable and level the playing field for working families. Sherrod works for the people, not the powerful interests – so it’s no wonder why Republican outside groups spent $40 million against him in 2012. We need to help Sherrod be ready to fight back again in 2018.


  • Bill Nelson (Florida): When I need someone to help fight for our service members, veterans, and seniors struggling to make it on Social Security, I know I can count on my friend Bill Nelson. But Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have their sights set on Florida, and they’re personally recruiting Governor Rick Scott – the guy who committed the largest Medicare fraud in history – to run against Bill. We could have a big, ugly fight in Florida – and Bill needs your help.

Deadlines like the one tomorrow are important for giving our candidates the early resources they need to fight the right-wing attacks – and to show that the momentum is on our side.

We cannot lose Wisconsin, Ohio, or Florida in 2018. Donate to Tammy, Sherrod, and Bill’s campaigns to help the Senate Democrats keep fighting back.

Thanks for being a part of this,