BY HOOK OR BY CROOK: Conservatives are right that collusion with foreign spies isn’t necessarily a crime. But prosecutors have plenty of other options, Lawfare @ FP’s Susan Hennessey and Benjamin Wittes write: Read more
TARGET ON KIM’S BACK: The history of failed attempts on the lives of Pyongyang’s leaders shows if you come for the Kims, you better not miss, Adam Rawnsley writes: Read more
TRUMP IN GERMAN ANARCHIST COUNTRY: The famously protest-averse president will be attending the G-20 summit in a city known for its squatters and May Day riots. It could get ugly, Lukas Hermsmeier writes: Read more
RED SCARE REDUX: With U.S.-Russia relations at a new low, officials fear any contact with Moscow, FP’s Jenna McLaughlin and Emily Tamkin write: Read more
PIPELINE POLITICS: Before giving a clash-of-the-civilizations speech in Warsaw, Trump stumbled into Europe’s pipeline politics with a commitment to combating Russian energy bullying, FP’s Noah Buyon and Robbie Gramer write: Read more
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MERKEL ON GERMANY’S G20 PRESIDENCY: The G20 must highlight advantages of trade being intensive, international and fair – in contrast to protectionist policies. “If you interfere with the establishment of, or even sever, global value chains, all you do is harm everyone involved – including yourself.” Read more.