Happy 21st birthday to my daughter Esther

Happy birthday Esther!

You are my confidant, my loving daughter and my inspiration.

I am glad you found your career goal to teach art to aspiring art students.

You help them prepare their portfolio so that they can get in to the best art school.

You have been advising your friends since you are in middle school and I am proud of the way you look at life and make decisions.

I am happy that you are working as an art teacher while completing your Art Education degree at the San Jose State University.

For you will be ahead of your peers in experience and being early to identify your life’s goals.

I always tell stories to my GFs how I delivered you at home with a nurse midwife and that it only took 30 minutes to push you.

I will always love you and forever.

Stay loving and caring always,

Mom Connie

esther bday


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