A secure network for medical professionals to share clinical knowledge

MedShr is an app for medical professionals to discuss and exchange knowledge on clinical cases in a secure manner. Founder Asif Qasim seeks to share the app’s applications in medical education and training

Cell-targeted food technology to tackle malnutrition

Mannatech uses glyconutrition technology to create specialised food products for improved cell-to-cell communication and nutritional balance. Helena Berndtson is looking to partner with social entrepreneurs in India to establish their aid


Patients put first at digital health dialogue

The upcoming FT Digital Health Summit in London explores ways the healthcare industry is adopting digital technology keeping the consumer in focus.

Student-led challenge driving innovation and entrepreneurship

The Medical Grand Challenge is a unique innovation programme by medical students collaborating for health solutions with engineering and business faculties. Bryan Aw invites support in the form of partnership and sponsorship

AI assistant with potential to sync directly with medical devices

Pascal can collect and interpret a patient’s medical exam results and recommend evidence-based protocols to doctors in real time. Dimas Timmers looks to sync this technology with medical equipment and sensors for

19 technology breakthroughs shaping medical treatment

These medical advances of the past 8 years hold promise of a brighter, healthier future for all.

WHO’s impact on the business world

Dr. Tedros Adhanom’s appointment as WHO’s next director-general interests businesses globally.


Success Story: Automated healthcare coaching for patients and medical professionals

Sentireal transforms smartphones, tablets and augmented reality/virtual reality headsets into automated and personalized tutors. David Trainor, founder of Sentireal shares his


S diagnosis device to empower women in rural India

Elizabeth Bass combines technology, community and awareness into product designs that can change human behaviour for the better. She is looking for survey respondents in India to test their pilot-stage device.


A medical emergency responder at your doorstep in 10 minutes

Sweta Mangal’s vision is to make emergency response available to anyone, anytime, anywhere by the year 2020, especially in developing countries. On HealthCode, she is looking to aggregate and partner with medical


Democratising healthcare with a personal diagnostic imaging device

Scanbo is a preliminary diagnostic tool that measures 12 key health vitals and enables remote monitoring of health for anyone, anywhere. Founder, Ashissh Raichura is looking for support in the form of distribution


Success Story: Tele-dentistry for affordable, accessible orthodontic solutions

The Straight Teeth Direct app connects patients directly with a registered dentist for remote orthodontic treatment. Co-founder, Aalok Shukla, has connected with strategic partners on HealthCode