All Microsoft laid off employees are invited to join in the task of bringing a true health concierge mobile application at Motherhealth. Email for details.

Current status

  • Working with mindbodyonline for August 1,2017 launch of matching care with 20 care provider categories with electronic scheduling available via cell phones for in person, telephone or video.
  • Health blog to be a health consumer driven health education platform and marketing tool for the health concierge mobile application. Now has over 7000 health posts.
  • Received $1000 funding from Uber via Indiegogo crowdfunding with no attachments.
  • Contacted 1 scientist from Stanford for age biomarker using RNA test.
  • Wholesaler for
    – UBIOME for gut microbiome test
    – Life Extension for dietary supplements and whole blood tests and
    – EXOME DNA test (RUO ) based in Davis, California
  • Goal is direct to health consumer business model, platform for doctors and consumers to connect via telehealth, access to those with no health insurance, and to reduce chronic health care costs