My grandma Claudia died of old age at the age of 94 yrs old in the town of Iloilo Philippines. During the last years of her life, she ate mostly bananas.

She has been gardening even until she was 85 years of age. She led a very active life working and feeding her 7 children and many grandchildren.

banana 1banana

My grandma is always telling her truth. She has to shout her thoughts and opinions if it helps someone to wake up from their delusions or confusions.

She knows that truth rules and that being fake is not her thing.

She uses her knowledge of herbs and massage to cure.

She knows what she learned from the past generations in the areas of relationships and healing.

She believes in her truth and walks her truth.

She prays and loves her family that she works early morning till the evening hours.

She also was with her husband even to the end and even when her husband retired early from his job.

She is my loving and caring grandma who said a prayer before I travel back to the city, a blessing I cannot forget.