Why I need these 20 health care specialists or care providers during my lifetime

 Motherhealth LLC and Mindbodyonline are partnering up to provide you the following specialist or care providers for telehealth with access using your phone for in person or telehealth appointment. Email motherhealth@gmail.com if you are a doctor or a health care provider in the bay area to be added to the list to be available for telehealth (in person, phone, video). The expected launch date is August 1, 2017.

What are we solving?

  • If you have no health insurance and wanted to see a doctor online, now you can.
  • If you are having early warning signs that you want to be checked up by a doctor, specialist or need care from a health care provider, now you can access them thru your cell phone.
  • If you are a health care provider, and wanted to be accessed by your clients for 15 minutes on the phone, on video or in person, now you can.

We need the following doctors, health care pros or care providers to help us when we are sick, feeling abnormal health symptoms, aging, be hospitalized, need surgery, post surgery, depressed, and for preventive measures like losing weight and other health concerns.  Email motherhealth@gmail.com your experience with any of the following health care pros or care provider and why you think they are important and have helped you be back on your feet and in good health.











Family Physician/OB/OD


General Practitioner


Genetic Counselor


Geriatric Dr/Rheumatologist


Motherhealth Caregivers





Nurse Practitioner


Nutritionist/Health Coach



Orthopedic Dr


Otorhinolaryngologist ENT


Physical Therapist




Visiting Nurse/Home health

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