Editors’ Picks, FP’s round-up of the day’s best articles

Welcome to Editors’ Picks, FP’s round-up of the day’s best articles.

Today, we look at how North Korea’s identity depends on nukes, a new U.S.-Russian cease-fire deal in Syria, and the Venezuelan president’s threat to state workers.

FACE-OFF: Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump finally had their first, and much-awaited, face-to-face meeting, FP’s Emily Tamkin has five takeaways: Read more
AMERICAN UNEXCEPTIONALISM: The days of other countries looking to the United States for leadership are coming to an end, Derek Chollet and Julie Smith write: Read more
NUCLEAR MANIFEST DESTINY: Kim Jong Un can’t stop his nuclear program without threatening the national ideology that keeps him in power, Paul French writes: Read more
SAVING SYRIA?: The United States and Russia discussed a “de-escalation agreement” and brokered yet another cease-fire in Syria. How long will this one last? FP’s Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian writes: Read more
MADURO’S MANIPULATION: As Venezuela’s crisis deepens, President Nicolás Maduro tries to exploit vulnerable state workers to become the country’s leader for life, FP’s Jesse Chase-Lubitz writes: Read more
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FIRST DAY OF G20 SUMMIT: Chancellor Merkel opened the G20 working session in Hamburg this morning, saying that often solutions can be found only if we are willing to compromise, if we move toward each other, but without bending too much. Read more.

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