All health care providers, individuals with sole practice or those working in a care organization/group practice/hospitals/other institutions can now be found in the health concierge mobile application at Motherhealth , powered by mindbodyonline. This mobile app will be launched this August 1,2017 to start in the bay area cities first.

Email your contact info , location, email, specialty, skype ID and availability including pricing ($100 per 15min consult, etc) for 15 min consult (in person, online, or via a video like skype).

This direct to health consumer business model aims to target all healthy and unhealthy population to help reduce chronic care costs. Those without health insurance are also served.

Both health consumers and health care professionals should have a gmail email account. For health care professionals, it is best to have a separate unique cell phone and number for your clients.

You can now meet and talk to a doctor for $100 for 15 minutes even without a health insurance. And get whole blood panel tests and other diagnostics from Life Extension to prevent any chronic health issues in the future.

Bay area health consumers needing caregivers for their homebound seniors can now use the app to call for a caregiver from Motherhealth to receive a response within 24 hours. Independent bayarea caregivers and caregiver home care agencies are welcome to join as independent contractors of Motherhealth with 10% profit sharing and only takes 10% of your earnings.