Can you imagine paying $500,000 to give away your private information to create an unprecedented national voter database? All to try and validate a president’s lie about voter fraud?

Well now you don’t have to — because that’s how much Trump’s commission is spending to investigate fake voter fraud allegations.

Connie, it’s encouraging to see that so many states and so many people are standing up to Trump and his sham commission. But as it stands, this commission will cost taxpayers half a million dollars all while advancing the cause of voter suppression nationwide.

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This commission has no business holding onto everyone’s social security number, address, and party affiliation. Especially since they won’t be storing this data somewhere secure. Their idea of a secure location is Vice President Pence’s office. Which, might I point out, is a major security risk and target for hackers.

No thanks. Though, it is very fitting that they want your private information stored at the White House. That’s because voter suppression is the key to the Trump-Pence 2020 re-election strategy.

According to ProPublica, “experts say the plan is certain to produce thousands of false positives that could distort the understanding of the potential for fraud.” Trump and his commission are just digging for a reason to roll back voting rights ahead of upcoming elections. They have everything to gain from this and we have everything to lose.

So, to quickly summarize: Trump expects you to pick up the bill after giving up your own privacy only to endanger your right to vote. In exchange, you can have him in the White House for another 7 years.

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