It is challenging in Silicon Valley to care for a family member with Alzheimer’s.  Most families are busy working and some are located in another state. Even when some families live in the same household, they do not want to be bothered by a visit from police or social worker when their mother with Alzheimer suddenly shouts in the middle of the night and wanted her son in law in jail.

Most families would hire a caregiver during  the day and they take turns in caring for their parents during the weekend or after work.  Some families send their parents to a care home of 6 clients served by 2 caregivers for 24/7 care.

For those who have caregivers in their parent’s home, they share the cost of around $1000 or more per week of caregiving expense since their parents wanted to be around their house.

It is less stress for Alzheimer’s clients to be in the same environment like their own house.

There are lucky ones with long term care insurance or a partner and with a bigger extended families to help out in the care.

Each day is different, so a respite care is much needed like a one week caregiver live in.

If you need a caregiver for 4 hrs, 24 hrs or a week, call 408-854-1883 or email for advice on caregiving schedule. We match and monitor and train caregivers for you to meet the needs of your mother with Alzheimer’s.

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