COLLUSION?: Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer is looking fishier and fishier, Benjamin Wittes, Quinta Jurecic, and Jane Chong write: Read more
BUT HIS EMAILS: Donald Trump Jr. tweets his own emails confirming an undisclosed June 2016 meeting with Russian representatives: Read more
WARY ABOUT WRAY: Trump’s nomination of Christopher Wray as FBI director threatens permanent damage to the institution. The Senate must act, Susan Hennessey and Benjamin Wittes write: Read more
TRUMP’S ULTIMATE(LY BAD) DEAL: Both Israelis and Palestinians are chafing under the Trump administration’s plans to revive the long-moribund peace process, Neri Zilber reports: Read more
SOROS VISION: Amid an ongoing battle over Hungary’s political future, Prime Minister Viktor Orban targets George Soros in a new anti-immigrant campaign, FP’s Kavitha Surana writes: Read more
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MERKEL SATISFIED WITH G20 OUTCOME: Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared herself satisfied with the outcome of the G20 summit. Among other things, agreement was reached that markets must be kept open. “We can achieve more if we act together than we could alone.” Read more.