Level of care

Some seniors at home need personal care from assistance to daily living, medication management, cooking, light housekeeping, and light exercise/massage.

Some seniors are bed ridden and cannot stand that caregivers have to change their diapers in bed.

Bay area caregivers at Motherhealth 408-854-1883 treat their clients like family.

Transportation, shopping and companion

Caregivers are trusted by families to do shopping, cooking, driving and light housekeeping. They become trusted companion for the seniors who are needing personal one on one care after their stay in a rehab or nursing homes or after surgery

Bed-ridden and agitated

Some seniors cannot sleep at night and need 24-hr care. Cancer patients are awake at night due to pain and other health issues.

Caregivers are awake to care for their clients.


Most home care agencies in the bay area charges between $15 – 32 per hour depending on the health of the clients and the care that is needed.

Most caregivers are called for by families who can no longer care 24/7. This happen when a senior is in hospice care and is terminally ill and that their doctors told them that their cancer or health condition will not last any longer.

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