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Moving to a senior living apartment or facility is a choice for some seniors who wanted to be close to city living and wanted to sell their homes that they cannot maintain any longer. Buying a one story home or living in a facility with elevators and in one level will help you prevent falls. Living in a senior care facility will give you peace of mind when you do not have to prepare for your meals and you can mingle with other seniors.

Call Motherhealth at 408-854-1883 for free referrals to senior care facilities or homes. It is best to budget around $6000 or more. For smaller facilities such as care homes with only 6 clients with 2 caregivers for 24/7 care, you can budget around $3500 and up.

There are times that you still need a personal caregiver, call 408-854-1883 for MOtherhealth caregivers for 24/7 care or 4-hour care.

Know what is important to you, space, amenities, day trips, and other services provided for by senior living communities, care homes or senior apartments.