How You Can Indulge Without Wrecking Your Health

This often-ignored organ is also one that’s most affected by summer holiday excesses. And that’s in addition to all the other stressors placed on it 24/7. Even an expanding waistline can put it at risk of aging faster than the rest of your body. Find out the two things that may be its worst enemies and what you can do to help support its care.

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diet against disease
One of the Best Ways to Fight Cancer – Ignore This and You May Regret It

It might be one of the biggest killers, but you don’t have to be a sitting duck waiting around for cancer to strike. Mounting evidence shows doing this helps fight cancer, takes minimal time and costs nothing – why not do it now and slash your risk starting today.

organic dairy fraud
More Details Emerge in Organic Dairy Fraud

If you buy organic dairy, you should know that not all organic brands are created equal. While some are offering truly superior milk that comes from grass fed cows raised on pasture, others are passing off industrially produced milk as organic – and pocketing the increased profits while small family farms struggle to survive.

million plastic bottles purchased per minute
A Million Bottles Per Minute

Our throw-away society has gotten so out of control that we’re purchasing 1 million plastic bottles worldwide every minute, mostly for bottled water. Meanwhile, single-use plastic utensils and straws are polluting our oceans – including the seafood that humans eat.

Purple Defense
Has Red Wine Been Overhyped as a Source of Resveratrol?

There’s one caveat about high-ORAC foods. Overcome that hurdle today, and knock the socks off the free radicals that knock you down with more resveratrol than you would find in about 39 glasses of red wine.

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ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo Biloba Supplement: Benefits and Uses

Know more about Ginkgo Biloba – how it works, what’s the best way to take it and other health considerations before using this supplement.