Tell Senate Democrats: Block Republican attacks on immigrants

Tell Senate Democrats: Block Republican attacks on immigrants
The petition to Senate Democrats reads:
“Do everything in your power to resist and obstruct Donald Trump’s and Republicans’ anti-immigrant agenda. Block all legislation that would criminalize immigrants and ramp-up deportations.”

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Dear Connie,

Block Trump's war on immigrants

Donald Trump’s war on immigrants is getting worse. His rogue deportation force is terrorizing immigrants and ripping families and communities apart across the nation. Now, Republicans in Congress are ramping up their party’s racist agenda by introducing cruel and callous bills that would harm thousands of immigrant families, legalize racial profiling, make mass deportations a reality and waste millions of taxpayer dollars.

Months ago, Republicans caved to massive grassroots-fueled pressure from Senate Democrats by taking out funding for Trump’s southern border wall and the expansion of his deportation force from a must-pass government funding bill. Now, both are back in Trump’s proposed 2018 budget, and we need Senate Democrats to fight back again.1

We cannot afford for any members of the Senate Democratic caucus to be hesitant about protecting immigrants or standing up to Trump’s hate. Speak out now to make sure they do their jobs and obstruct Republicans’ anti-immigrant attacks with everything they’ve got.

Tell Senate Democrats: Do everything in your power to block Trump’s war on immigrants. Click here to sign the petition.

Right-wing House Republicans have introduced cruel and reckless policies that would put the lives of thousands of immigrants and refugees at risk. These bills would give the federal government the power to:2,3,4

  • Expand and militarize Trump’s terrifying deportation army and lower standards for the agents Customs and Border Patrol hires.5
  • Force local law enforcement to aid in deportations and detain immigrants in local jails.
  • Prosecute and fine cities and counties that refuse to enforce immigration laws.
  • Prosecute and fine undocumented immigrants and make it more difficult for them to access health care and social services.6
  • Weaken immigration detention center standards and lock up more immigrants, exacerbating already overcrowded detention centers.
  • End extensions of Temporary Protected Status and deny visas and citizenship to refugees and other victims of violence.

Recently, 24 Democrats voted to advance an anti-immigrant bill in the House.7 That is completely unacceptable. Senate Democrats must hold the line.

Tell Senate Democrats: Do everything in your power to block Trump’s war on immigrants. Click here to sign the petition.

Since Trump signed his anti-immigrant executive orders early this year, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have hunted down and arrested immigrants at their children’s schools, in courthouses and in front of places of worship. Immigrant children and their families are living in fear. And recently, Trump’s Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan publicly threatened immigrants saying that they “should be afraid.”8

Republicans have proved time and time again that they will stop at nothing to advance their heartless agenda. Congressional Republicans are trying to gut our health care and social safety net, destroy the Environmental Protection Agency and undermine civil rights protections for women, people of color and LGBTQ people. Senate Democrats should not give Republicans an inch on their regressive immigration reforms or any part of their hateful agenda.

It is clear that extremist Republicans will not give up their war on immigrants. It is also clear that if we want Democrats and Republicans of good conscience to block their attacks, we must speak out louder than ever and keep the pressure on. Add your name now.

Tell Senate Democrats: Do everything in your power to block Trump’s war on immigrants. Click the link below to sign the petition.

Thank you for all you do,

Nicole Regalado, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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