Mike Pence is calling for a full repeal of Obamacare — without replacing it with ANYTHING!

Sign on to save Obamacare →

connie, the collapse of Trumpcare doesn’t mean healthcare in America is any safer.

Now, extremists like Vice President Mike Pence are pushing to REPEAL Obamacare without offering any replacement!

Pence: Obamacare Must GoPence just demanded the Senate to FULLY repeal Obamacare. This is downright DANGEROUS and irresponsible.

By voting to repeal Obamacare without offering any replacement, 18 million people would lose their health insurance coverage. On top of that, experts predict a rise in premiums by 20-25%![1]

We must fight back against these ridiculous attacks on our healthcare system — or millions will suffer the consequences.

Sign your name right away to STOP Mike Pence and protect Obamacare:


We believe that access to healthcare is worth more than the cheap political points Pence seeks for dismantling Obama’s legacy.

But Pence and Trump have both smeared Obamacare again and again — even LYING about it’s success to push their backwards agenda.

They’ve both referred to Obamacare as “failed” and a “nightmare.” But in reality, this legislation has provided healthcare to over 20 million Americans and dropped uninsurance rates drastically.We can’t let Pence’s lies jeopardize the wellbeing of millions. Join us as we take action today to STOP Pence from repealing Obamacare:

http://go.fightforequality.org/Stop-Obamacare-RepealStand with us,

Equality PAC

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