The impeachment process has begun.

Rep. Brad Sherman — a moderate Democrat — has formally introduced articles of impeachment in the House against Donald Trump for obstruction of justice, joining leaders like Rep. Maxine Waters and Rep. Al Green in openly working to impeach Trump.

This is important. If Trump feels he can break the law, obstruct justice, and get away with it on the Russia investigation, he will be able to break the law with impunity when it comes to issues like the Muslim ban, immigrant rights, climate action, women’s rights, civil rights, and so much more.

Impeachment is written into the Constitution as a tool for a moment like this — when a president becomes a danger to our rights and our freedoms.

When even a moderate Democrat like Rep. Sherman embraces impeachment, it’s clear momentum is building fast. Even then, we know it will take person-to-person conversations to win support and change minds.

Nothing starts that conversation better than a T-shirt, travel mug, or bumper sticker.

Impeach Trump gear

The constant revelations linking Trump to Russia have forced some Republicans to admit the truth.

As conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer begrudgingly said on Fox News:

“This was a bungled collusion. This was amateurish collusion. This was Keystone Kops collusion. But it doesn’t change the fact that it was attempted collusion and it undoes the White House story completely.”

Still, Republicans aren’t going to embrace impeachment quickly. They will cling to Trump as long as they can. And that’s another case for impeachment — bringing Trump down means bringing down the party that put him in power, kept him there, and resisted all efforts to stop his horrible, bigoted, greedy actions.

The argument against Donald Trump is building momentum, but to create the groundswell of support for removal from office, we need to be making the case to family, friends, and co-workers.

It’s win/win: “Unfit to Serve – Impeach Trump” gear is the perfect way to build grassroots support and fund the campaign to impeach Trump at the same time.

Visibility is critical to removing Trump from office. That’s why we’re offering “Unfit to Serve – Impeach Trump” bumper stickers, rally signs, travel mugs and yard signs with free shipping — all made in the USA and union-printed. Contribute now to get your gear and build the movement.

Thank you for helping to lead the resistance, support the work of DFA members across the country, and hold Donald Trump and Republicans accountable.

– Jay

Jay Henderson, Digital Strategy Manager
Democracy for America