54.2% of the Medicare beneficiaries with disabilities and ESRD had six or more chronic conditions as compared to 20.5% of the beneficiaries with disabilities and without ESRD.

Among the list of other chronic and disabling conditions, Peripheral Vascular
Disease (PVD) and Pressure and Chronic Ulcers were significantly higher among Medicare beneficiaries with disabilities and ESRD (26.2% and 17.9%, respectively) compared to beneficiaries with disabilities and without ESRD (9.7% and 5.2%, respectively).

 Among hospitalized beneficiaries, the Medicare beneficiaries with disabilities and ESRD had higher rates of 30-day hospital readmissions (33.8%) and were high utilizers (32.8%) compared to beneficiaries with disabilities and without ESRD (17.3% and
19.9%, respectively).

Data Source: 2014 Medicare
Chronic Conditions Data
Warehouse (CCW), Centers for
Medicare & Medicaid Services.

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