Joe Kennedy III on Obamacare and so called President cheering the suffering of our citizens

Can you imagine a United States president cheering the suffering of our citizens and advocating for the failure of our economy? I can’t – until now.

Thanks to your fight, Republicans don’t have the votes to pass TrumpCare. So President Trump’s new plan is to actively sabotage the Affordable Care Act – and with it the lives and livelihoods of 32 million Americans.

We must be relentless in our advocacy for equal access to affordable health care.Donate today and let’s keep up the fight.

We should be working together to strengthen the system. Last week, I introduced a bill to guarantee mental health coverage for the nearly 9 million children and pregnant women covered by CHIP. This bill is just part of the puzzle. We’ve got a lot of work to do.

Let’s be loud and clear as we fight for affordable health care: We won’t settle for any plan that costs more and covers less. Chip in today to join my fight for health care.

Joe Kennedy III

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