As you age and have surgery or need to move out from your home to be cared for 24/7, you have to research your options.

When you want an apartment like setting, with a big dining area, a concierge, you choose assisted living facilities or senior apartments (high end with on call nursing staff).

When you need to be rehabilitated and be cared for by nurses and physical therapists 24/7, you choose nursing facilities.

When you want to live with others in a board and care called care homes or residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE), you choose a care home.

When you need a home health aid, caregiver, personal helper, home helper in any of the above facilities, you are seeking a caregiver (at times they are working for a home care agency or nursing care agency).

There are many transitions in our lives. Our families may or may not be with us but we connect with others to live the quality of life that we want.

So save now, for at times the choices we have are based on our financial capacity.

Take care of your health now so that you will not be limited to live the life you want. Not be limited by a wheel chair or other health issues, for your daily life can still be full of things to learn and explore and be shared with another.

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