If you own a non medical transport service , rehab , care home or other health care facilities in Northern California, email motherhealth@gmail.com your info.

When my client with cancer needs to be transported, we google for non medical transport service, IV infusion at home, hospice care and caregiving service for home care.

The following list and resources will greatly help health consumers in navigating about their health issues and focus more on preventing emergencies and getting faster and quality health care service.

Health consumers can email their comments with regards to the service they received to be tallied later on for service ratings.


California Adult Day Care Center
California Alzheimers Center
California Assisted Living
California Behavioral Health Center
California Dialysis Center
California Home Dialysis
California DME Dialysis
California Durable Medical Equipment General
California Durable Medical Equipment Nutrition
California DME Oxygen
California Home Health Care agencies : Motherhealth, others
California Hospice Care Center
California Hospice Service
California Acute Care Hospital
California Long Term Acute Care Hospital
California Intermediate Care Facility
California IV Infusion
California Long Term Respiratory Care
California Neurology Clinic

California Care Home for the Elderly (RCFE)
California Nursing Home
California Personal Care Home for adult and mentally challenged (ARF)
California Outpatient Rehab
California Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility
California Nursing Home Rehabilitation
California Respiratory Therapy Agency
California Sleep Disorder Clinic
California Medical Transport Service

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