Gerontology articles

Cognitive Function and Changes in Cognitive Function as Predictors of Incident Cardiovascular Disease: The Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study (WHIMS)
Xiaoyan Leng, MD, PhDMark A. Espeland, PhDJoAnn E. Manson, MDMarcia L. Stefanick, PhDEmily W. Gower, PhD …
FNIH-defined Sarcopenia Predicts Adverse Outcomes Among Community-dwelling Older People in Taiwan: Results from the I-Lan Longitudinal Aging Study
Ting-Ching TangAn-Chun HwangLi-Kuo LiuWei-Ju LeeLiang-Yu Chen …
Measures of Biologic Age in a Community Sample Predict Mortality and Age-related Disease: The Framingham Offspring Study
Joanne M. MurabitoQiang ZhaoMartin G. Larson ; Jian RongHonghuang Lin …
Nutritional supplementation with physical activity improves muscle composition in mobility-limited older adults, the VIVE2 study: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
Davis A. EnglundDylan R. KirnAfsaneh KoochekHao ZhuThomas G. Travison …
Plasma sphingolipids are associated with gait parameters in the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging
Alexandra M. V. Wennberg, PhDMarissa J. Schafer, PhDNathan K. LeBrasseur, MS, PhDRodolfo Savica, MD, PhDHai H. Bui …

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