How did we transition from disease symptoms to hospice care?

As we age due to lack of exercise, over medicated or over drugged, alcohol,smoking,exposure to toxins, lack of sleep,lack of nutrition, overworked, full of stress, and other chronic health issues (environmental or genetic in origin), our bodies are bombarded with inflammatory substances that burn our cells and creates symptoms.

Symptoms that we do not care about until it is too late.

We see our doctors because we are constantly feeling the pain, aches or other health issues.

And then there is an emergency operation, we are then transferred to rehabilitation or nursing home facility for physical therapy and other 24-hr nursing care.

And we cannot leave the nursing home to continue our home care without a 24-hr caregiver from our family or a home care agency. Motherhealth caregivers in the bay area 408-854-1883 is one of them.

And then when we are home, we are monitored and received assistance from daily living from our caregivers (for non medical care).

When we cannot feed ourselves, we are transferred to a nursing care facility (with medical assistance).

When we cannot swallow and our doctors deemed  us to be terminally ill. Our family members then decide for a hospice care with visiting nurses if we are at home and still being cared for 24 hours by an in-home caregiver.

Our family will also decide together with hospice nurse if we need a sublingual (by drops) of morphine, which make our life expire in less than a week. Morphine arrests our muscles and we cannot swallow and breath, heart attack follows.

So let us take care of our early symptoms so that we will not have an emergency and not expire before we tasted all that life offers and have lived with our granchildren and great grandchildren.

Call 408-854-1883 if you need an in-home non medical caregivers to assist you with daily living and email for other health tips which you could also search in this site, with over 8000 health topics to date.

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