Primary-care​ doc​ pay​ rises​ with​ demand, but​ the industry disparity​ is​ still​ large

One of the lingering challenges to recruit more individuals to pursue a career in primary care has been the large wage differential found between those specialties and more specialized clinical fields.  READ MORE

Hospitals can expect pain from EHR installs

During the first year of EHR installations, the median decline in operating cash flow for hospital systems is 10% with a 6% fall off in days cash on hand, Moody’s said in a new report.  READ MORE

HIMSS names Wolf as new CEO

Harold Wolf III will succeed H. Stephen Lieber, who’s served in the role for over 17 years.  READ MORE

FDA gives Invacare permission to ramp up manufacturing

Invacare is finally free to build as many wheelchairs as it pleases. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given the company permission to ramp up manufacturing at its Elyria, Ohio, plant.  READ MORE

Drug prices expected to rise nearly 8% next year

Drug prices continue to rise faster than the medical inflation rate, largely due to sharp spikes in branded drug prices that have caused providers to work around optimal treatments and forced patients to avoid taking costly medications.  READ MORE

Uber could improve access for addiction recovery

Transportation is the largest barrier for people seeking and receiving addiction treatment. A new pilot program shows offering free Uber transportation for addiction patients could help improve attendance rates for assessment and treatment appointments.  READ MORE

Disabled Medicare enrollees are not getting the same care as able-bodied ones

Disabled Medicare beneficiaries are getting worse screening compared with able-bodied enrollees, according to the CMS. The agency has found that beneficiaries age 65 and older reporting disabilities were less likely to receive mammography screenings and Pap tests than those reporting no disability.  READ MORE

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Mark Zuckerberg thinks artificial intelligence will be great for healthcare, Missouri’s governor praises new abortion restrictions, and researchers find CTE in nearly all the dead football players’ brains that were recently studied.  READ MORE