When you call 408-854-1883, be ready with your budget, availability, non-medical senior caregiving needs and other questions that you have for Motherhealth caregivers.

About the founder of Motherhealth

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Our consultations are free of charge. These consultations include free referrals to care homes and nursing homes, senior safing your homes, preventing emergencies, nutritional needs of seniors and caregiving services with Motherhealth. Allow 24 hours for us to start work, assign a caregiver and train the caregivers. Some times, there are 2 caregivers for a 24/7 service or 3 for  three shifts.


We provide care on an hourly basis with a minimum of 5 hours per visit , with price starting at $25 per hr and less when it is more than 5 hours. We can provide care up to 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week.  For areas more than 1 hour outside of the bay area, we can service only for live-in caregiving at least 2-7 days a week.


Overnight care is provided as needed. Caregivers can typically work 7 to 10 hours during the night.

24-Hour Care

We are able to provide 24 hour care any day of the week. This could be staffed with three eight hour shifts or 2 live-in caregivers with one working 3 days and one working 4 days a week.


With Motherhealth caregivers, you can reach someone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 408-854-1883 via text or email motherhealth@gmail.com . Our case managers are available outside of regular business hours to assist you with your needs.

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