Call Text 408-854-1883 or (650) 946-3368 or email if you need the following in the bay area:

Hire a caregiver

Caregivers for 24-hr care or 4-hr care are trained and monitored by case managers to match your needs and caregiving tasks include: assistance in daily living, medication management, cooking, light housekeeping, massage, help with exercise, driving, companion and other non-medical home care tasks to support your independence and health goals.

Find a care home, assisted living facility, nursing home or a senior care facility

A care home consist of 6 clients with 2-3 caregivers for 24-hr care in a residential facility, mostly non medical care.

An assisted living facility has many perks, a dining, a concierge, a nursing staff and in same facility can combine with a nursing facility. In some assisted living facilities, all the amenities of a senior center, high end apartment and care facility is combined in one place.

Nursing home is staffed with medical staff from nurses to doctors to provide 24/7  medical care.  After staying in this facility with a rehab facility combined, a senior can go home provided an in home caregiver is available for 24-hr care. Some clients in this facility are needing hospice care and are  terminally ill.

Schedule a transport

We can schedule Uber, a non medical transport or a medical transport for you.

Seek nutrition consult

We work with your primary care doctor to know what medications and foods are allowed and add more holistic approach and personalized menu plan and monitoring for your needs.

Buy a health product/tools

We can deliver diapers, lotion, gloves, and other tools such as anti-oxidant scanner, glucose meter and other health care products including tests (blood tests, EXOME DNA tests, Gut Microbiome tests) that you need as a doctor or as a health consumer.

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