Amongst the absurdity in the Senate ​last week, Pennsylvania’s Senator Bob Casey was a voice of reason and compassion. Bob raised his voice for a common sense and simple plan that would cover more people, make health care more affordable, and protect Medicaid.
Bob Casey is a champion for health care and advocate for the people. We need to protect his seat in the Senate. But the Republican big money machine has put a target on Bob’s back. If we’re going to take back the Senate, we need to defend his seat and elect more progressive Democrats.
He’s been a longtime advocate for ensuring people with disabilities can go to work, raise a family, and live independently. This week, he called on the Senate to protect the affordable coverage people with disabilities receive through Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act.
Bob Casey isn’t afraid to stand up and fight back. He’s holding Donald Trump accountable when he threatens the safety and civil rights of Americans. Now, we need to make sure he stays in the Senate fighting for us.



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