Connie’s comments: I ate spoiled ice cream and had diarrhea the night before and took activated charcoal from Whole  Foods Store to ensure that I have filtered all bad bacteria and other bugs in my body.

thetransformationnow8 months ago
I Overdosed on drugs as a teenager and charcoal saved my life ! The doctors pumped my stomach full of charcoal when I was in a coma, and it absorbed most of the toxins. and I have used Chinese herbs like goji berry and schizandra berry and Reishi Mushroom to heal and clean my Liver, I am also using a lot of Chlorophyll rich foods like , Marine Phytoplankton and Chlorella. I Also use Activated Charcoal now every 2 or 3 days. I believe all of this combined has saved my Life and helped me heal myself. My hope is that by me telling this here on youtube that someone can reverse themselves of toxicity after abusing their body with drugs. Love to you all and lets hope for a good future for all of us on the planet!