Trump aides’ stunning cry for help: Admitting the president misled the American people

They trashed their wedding photographer over a $125 fee, so a jury told them to pay her $1 million
After being forced out of business, the Texas photographer convinced a jury that a professional beauty blogger and her new husband had conspired to destroy her reputation.
By Avi Selk  •  Read more »
PowerPost •  Analysis
The Daily 202: Jeff Flake delivers the most courageous conservative rebuttal of Trumpism yet
Republican senator decries the moral decay of the right-wing media.
By James Hohmann  •  Read more »
Can this marriage be saved? Relationship between Trump, Senate GOP hits new skids.
Some senators are openly defying his directives, bringing long-simmering tensions to a boil.
By Sean Sullivan  •  Read more »
Politics •  Analysis
A timeline of the explosive lawsuit alleging a White House link in the Seth Rich conspiracy
The suit claims that a wealthy Trump supporter asserted that the president reviewed a later-debunked Fox News story.
By Philip Bump  •  Read more »
‘The moment when it really started to feel insane’: An oral history of the Scaramucci era
As told by senators, soldiers, lovers, haters and two boy scouts.
By Monica Hesse  •  Read more »
Chelsea Clinton defends staff at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. after Trump reportedly calls the place ‘a real dump’
A White House official denies that the president insulted the executive mansion.
By Emily Heil  •  Read more »
After months of bullying, a 12-year-old New Jersey girl killed herself. Her parents blame the school.
Mallory Grossman’s parents intend to sue her New Jersey school district and its administrators “who ignored months of pleas to stop this,” their lawyer said.
By Samantha Schmidt  •  Read more »
Trump signs bill imposing new sanctions on Russia, but issues a statement with concerns
The bill had the support of a veto-proof majority in the Congress.
By Abby Phillip  •  Read more »
In Minneapolis, response to police shooting of white woman by Somali officer has been different
While some white residents have long called for police reforms, advocates say their numbers have grown.
By Janell Ross  •  Read more »
PostEverything •  Perspective
The marketplace of ideas is killing the Trump administration
The Trump team has not exploited the Ideas Industry, and it’s killing them.
By Daniel W. Drezner  •  Read more »
Also Popular in Politics
Trump signs what he calls ‘seriously flawed’ bill imposing new sanctions on Russia
The bill, which also sanctions Iran and North Korea, had the support of a veto-proof majority in the Congress.
By Abby Phillip  •  Read more »
Trump, GOP senators to introduce bill to slash legal immigration levels
Analysis | Trump aides’ stunning cry for help: Admitting the president misled the American people
Trump dictated son’s misleading statement on meeting with Russian lawyer
Analysis | Ivanka to the rescue? Her interruptions have eased two recent interviews with President Trump.
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Parents should be repulsed by Trump’s playing of the father card
My father taught me not to lie. Donald Trump Jr.’s father taught him to shade the truth — in this case, so much that it was in total eclipse.
By Ruth Marcus  •  Read more »
President Trump is now directly implicated in trying to cover up the Russia scandal
Congress dances on the (debt) ceiling, and it’s not pretty
Can anyone get a handle on the president who handles everything?
We don’t need a TV show about the Confederacy winning. In many ways, it did.
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The Insider •  Analysis
Redskins’ revamped receiving corps is showing its potential in training camp
Washington is trying to replace Pierre Garcon’s and DeSean Jackson’s production at wide receiver. Is this group up to the task?
By Mike Jones  •  Read more »
Analysis | Baltimore Orioles seem to be planning for neither the present nor the future
Redskins training camp updates: Who starts opposite of OLB Ryan Kerrigan?
Max Scherzer’s neck issue helped make his first career home run possible
Perspective | Having accomplished nothing on his own, LaVar Ball goes a familiar route
Also Popular in National
Transgender man gives birth to baby boy. ‘Love is possible,’ he says. So is ‘being a loving family.’
“I’m okay being a man who has a uterus and who has the capacity and capability of carrying a baby,” Trystan Reese said.
By Derek Hawkins  •  Read more »
A viral Facebook post has the makings of a vacation horror story. But the city has its doubts.
Court ruling could help keep Obamacare subsidies
Ohio man stored ex’s body in freezer while living in her house with new girlfriend, prosecutors say
Action on Trump’s tax cut plan could be delayed until next year
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An anti-immigrant group mistook empty bus seats for women wearing burqas
Justice Department plans new project to sue universities over affirmative action policies
Tillerson to North Korea: ‘We are not your enemy’
Germany blasts Vietnam over ‘kidnap’ of former oil executive
Election company says manipulation in Venezuela vote turnout
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Trump signs what he calls ‘seriously flawed’ bill imposing new sanctions on Russia
Analysis | The path of the solar eclipse is already altering real-world behavior
A white man called her kids the n-word. Facebook stopped her from sharing it.
The generic drug industry has brought huge cost savings. That may be changing.
US plans trade probe over China’s demands for tech transfers
Also Popular in Technology
US plans trade probe over China’s demands for tech transfers
This year’s ‘Game of Thrones’ premiere was HBO’s biggest ever for an original series
Google’s new prog

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