Sign the petition: Don’t take phone or Internet service away from poor people.

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Republicans just don’t know how to stop. As if attacking healthcare, immigration, affirmative action, and transgender rights weren’t enough, the GOP is now going after poor people’s access to phone and Internet service.

This week, Republican Representative Austin Scott introduced the “End Taxpayer Funded Cell Phone Act,” which targets Lifeline—a crucial program that provides telephone, cell phone, and Internet subsidies to low-income Americans.

This bill would cut off funding for cell phone and Internet, and “restore” Lifeline’s services to only fund landline telephones. Sign now if you agree that Lifeline should continue to fund landline phones, cell phones, and Internet service.

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Reducing Lifeline’s services is unacceptable. Lifeline makes landline phones, cell phones, and Internet accessible for poor, disabled, and elderly people. Taking those services away would be cruel.

Sign our petition to Congress to ask them to vote NO on the End Taxpayer Funded Cell Phone Act and keep funding Lifeline services for low-income, disabled, and elderly Americans.

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In solidarity,
Sarah Hogg, Daily Kos