anti oxidant scanBay area primary care and geriatric doctors are invited to join the HCP Alliance to offer a way to test anti-oxidant levels of your patients and help them reach their health goals of increasing their vitality and youthfullness using a biophotonic scanner. Knowing our anti-oxidant levels allow us to control our lifestyle and find ways to increase our anti-oxidants from whole foods, supplementation, exercise and lifestyle (with less stress, more sleep).

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are affected by inflammation and oxidation that comes with aging. Our mitochondria are better protected with colorful whole foods and anti-oxidant supplementation that affects our gene expression. Email Connie at for more info about anti-oxidants based on your lifestyle and health goals and the use of the biophotonic scanner.

Reverse the aging process of the skin exposed to UV by 50% after 8 weeks of supplementation of blend of anti-oxidants.

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