Do not wait until a pancreatic, stomach or esophageal cancer appears to control how much you eat and the quality of whole foods you ingest? I have seen some of my senior clients die of stomach-liver cancer and heart failure. They suffered so much pain.

Sugar, transfat and a stressful life can influence your weight. Start minding what you eat early at age 20.

I cheated on an spoiled ice cream that sent me on diarrhea and vomiting. I took activated charcoal and water with a tsp of apple cider vinegar. I now watch what I eat. And, I am back to my 30-min cross fit and whole foods (colorful diet) and anti-oxidants AgeLOC Youth and vitality.


Holden, from  Albany

I am an over weight male approaching 60. I am pre-diabetes and my doctor is just waiting for a full diagnosis. I recently took up a daily hour walk and a method of eating where I basically fast around 16 hours a day. I stop eating by 6 and usually don’t eat until 11 or 12. I also allow myself 2 meals a day. I call it first food and dinner. I also lift free weights 2x a week. The weight is rolling off. Diet and exercise are the only way and diet counts for most of it. At my last physical my doctor told me I was someone who had to eat less and exercise more than most people. I have taken that to heart. I also gave up for good bagels, white bread, all juices, all sodas (never drank them much anyway), french fries, all chips, ketchup and Peter Lugar steak sauce and generally watch carbs. I eat plenty of fruit and also drink red wine and vodka, but not at the same time. Also gave up beer.

Kathleen of  Salt Lake

Taffy, I too look at people licking cupcakes with ecstasy, and devouring hamburgers, and drinking sodas and I too feel alien. But in my case it is because I am now 97 pounds at 5’3″ after esophageal cancer surgery and I will never eat normally again. I tell my dear friends who are always dieting to please please please just take time and enjoy what they eat and stop hating themselves and flogging themselves with every mouthful. I was a lifelong dieter. When I was finally at my fittest, a good weight (though helped along by an earlier cancer) and very strong, I still felt fat. that’s what dieting does. Life goes by awfully fast. Don’t waste it berating yourself for stupid reasons.


Thiensville from Wisconsin

My parents put me on the Judy Mazel’s Beverly Hills Diet when I was 10 years old back in 1980. To this day, I cannot even look at a raisin as a result of Judy’s ridiculous diet. And I was not a a fat child by any era’s standards, I just was not cheerleader thin.

Flash forward to present day, and I laughed out loud reading Taffy’s incredible article because I had been on every diet she named and felt like I had walked a mile or two in her same shoes. I have been a size 4 and a size 16, anorexic and also painfully obese for my 5’3 frame. What have I learned from my journey? Size does not matter. How you feel about yourself and your self worth does. I am now a healthy size 12. Thanks to the practice of hot yoga have learned to love myself and my body, rubbing thighs, jingling upper arms and all.