As I watched with my 21-yr old daughter the show “The Bachelor”, I realized that she is learning about dating and relationships from the show.

So, I quickly gave my short advice at each commercial. She is so engrossed at the beautiful settings and drama and tried to absorb every word uttered by the cast.

I know that as her mother, I can only speak about my experiences and what I believed is the reality.

How many women are watching “The Bachelor” and in some ways impacting their lives, in dreams or in reality?

I told my daughter that at times, women choose with her brain and at times with her feelings at the moment and then, she wakes up in the realization that what she wanted is real happiness and not short term happiness.

I like that the Bachelorette is a lawyer and like most women, with education or not, knows that feelings some times clutter our minds and affect how we make the right decisions.

She is articulate but when it comes to removing the obvious with what matter most, like many women we are affected by the candy in front of us.

So I told my daugther that in real life, one must be true to her principles and that the true prince charming will offer valuable gifts and make an effort to show his love and as a true measure of his love.