Eggplant and apple cider vinegar for skin cancer
DMSO, hydrogen peroxide and Vit C fight cancer cells
Philippines Coconut Wine -Tuba
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Can Gout be cured permanently?
Best ways to predict your health
Fight VIRUS with Enzymes from pineapple and papaya, baking soda, alkaline food, calcium and magnesium from whole foods
Weird Facts about Tall and Short People by Lisa Collier Cool
Trauma and the Gut, Dr PerlMutter
Nitric Oxide Dump Exercise with nose breathing to lower blood pressure and thin blood
Fatigue and Red (bloodshot) eyes from WebMD
My daughter is learning about relationship from ‘The Bachelor’
When will Souvenaid become available in Canada and US to treat Alzheimer’s Disease?
Signs of the preactive/ active phase of dying and medications for terminally ill
Trauma and the Gut, Dr PerlMutter
Lung cancer in the Philippines
18 states suing Betsy Devos
Tea tree oil and baking soda removed my skin tags and warts
Can balsamic vinegar help with gout?
Growth hormone DHEA increases libido/anti-aging
We need 24 seats to take back the House from Paul Ryan.
Surviving prostate cancer by Dr Mercola
Tanglad or lemongrass to help lower blood pressure
Digestive enzymes help in healing fractures, preventing kidney stones and heart disease and more
Dopamine and Serotonin in Depression
What is your molecular age? P16 protein can ID your molecular age
Eggplant and apple cider vinegar for skin cancer
Anti aging plants and herbs
Cash flow analysis worksheet template
Reducing belly fat
Anti aging plants and herbs
Metabolic pathway provides cues for cancer, aging and health care
Stevens–Johnson syndrome and supplementation after healing
Tea tree oil and baking soda removed my skin tags and warts
Nitric Oxide for strong blood vessels’ cells , up with exercise, melons, cucumber, Vit C, E, amino acid – L-arginine, L-citrulline
Disease condition and odor symptom
I am the go to caregiver for hospice bay area senior clients
Root Canal and Implants by Dr Mercola
Vagus nerve stimulation thru breathing, laughs and yoga
What will happen if a person accidentally drinks kerosene/petrol/diesel?
Women’s rights are a human right
Cough remedies from Dr Mercola
Increase the body’s oxygen carrying capacity with exercise, EPO and whole foods
Curcumin: anti-parasitic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, gastrointestinal effects, inhibits carcinogenesis and cancer growth
Stomach ulcers root causes
Electronic Capabilities for Patient Engagement among U.S. Non-Federal Acute Care Hospitals: 2012-2015
Mullein herb for lung and breast health – COPD signs, symptoms and diagnosis
Not patentable anti-cancer plant-fruit , soursop or Guyabano fruit, Vitamins C and B-rich
Glycogen Metabolism and Energy Metabolism of the Brain
Massage oil of fresh ginger and coconut oil relieves joint pain
Lack of Sleep and Fighting With Partner Increases Inflammation
Dark purple berries or Black currant juice and eggs for upping up sex drive
Most viewed health writer in Quora
Changes Uncovered in Gut Bacteria of People with Multiple Sclerosis
How the brain helps us to learn and make decisions, attention and learning
Health care financial news
Colon and rectal cancer incidence is rising among Gen X and millennials
CMS proposes chopping $1 billion from home health
Baking soda for mosquito bites
Top posts 8-7-2017
Parkinson and Exercises
Concierge for health invites all bay area doctors – mobile app from Motherhealth with profit sharing
Top Posts April 2017
Stephen Colbert Monologue 8/2/2017 – President Trump Unveils Immigration Plan
Common side effects of Gabapentin
Colon cancer prevention and care by Dr Mercola
Dr Mercola’s book – Fat for Fuel
miRNA inherited disease, DNA repair, cancer, alcoholism, obesity,heart disease
Shark oil for your skin, wound healing and overall health
Bacterial colonies in human body linked to presence of cancer in mouth and throat
Can high SGPT and SGOT lead to heart disease?
Non pasteurized beers have more health benefits
Nervous system and nerve-growth factor (NGF) play a major role in arthritis
Degenerative Joint Disease by Dr Axe
Colon and rectal cancer incidence is rising among Gen X and millennials
Why do I get calf cramps when I sprint?
Moving to smaller homes
Robert Reich: It is now time to seriously consider removing Trump from office
Eat protein-rich food when drinking alcohol to protect your stomach
Tryptophan – Niacin – NAD = Anti-aging
Caffeine Based Compounds Show Promise Against Parkinson’s
I’m 36 years old, and my SGPT level is 131. Is this serious? How can I reduce my SGPT level in a week?
Alzheimer’s Disease and ABCA7 gene, for lipid homeostasis in cells of the immune system
Lemon grass or Tanglad to fight insomia
Top physician executives in health care
What is Precision, predictive and Personalize Medicine vs patient-centered care
YouTube Ads Leaderboard: June 2017
How can I increase dopamine transporters?
Fasting, sun bathing ,Vit C, Lysine, turmeric, green tea, carrots and raw food diet to reduce tumor size
Make Melania Trump stay in the White House or pay for the expenses herself
Can Gout be cured permanently?
Retirement or rental income properties in Tagaytay, Philippines
Foods to eat and avoid when you have Gout and leg pains
I am the go to caregiver for hospice bay area senior clients
Bedroom Light Exposure at Night and the Incidence of Depressive Symptoms
Intestinal mucus, immune system , and gut microbiome and colon cancer
Massage oil of lemon grass, rosemary and grapefruit oil (as base) for arthritis pain
Gout, Dementia, Chelation Therapy
Good fats, SCFA – short chain fatty acids
What small thing can tell you a lot about a person?
My daughter is learning about relationship from ‘The Bachelor’
Avoid chronic bronchitis with green apple, onions, garlic, vinegar and rest
Scientists establish ‘tipping point’ molecular link between blood sugar and Alzheimer’s disease
Dr Mercola: Drink beet juice an hour before exercise
Stomach ulcers root causes
Cost of senior care services
Iodine prevents cancer growth; up avocado and reduce caffeine intake to prevent Thyroid cancer
Healing power of Filipino dish of mung beans with green jackfruit
Stop Trump from starting a nuclear war
Anti-aging and Parkinson/Alzheimer’s prevention: Enzymes and apple cider vinegar
Personalized Diet ebook
Diet and Exercise, clinical trials for Dementia and Alzheimers
Can pomegranate juice help with gout? If so, how?
Blind services in California
Whole foods prevent inflammation
Amazon: Stop advertising on Breitbart
Eight academic centers join effort to address home-care shortage
Caring for clients with anxiety disorders, the brain in the gut
Red camera traffic lights unconstitutional in California
Lemon grass or Tanglad to fight insomia
Metabolic pathway provides cues for cancer, aging and health care
Get paid with HELO fitness tracker, home health monitor and more
Top post in last two weeks
Santa Clara Family Health Plan community resource list

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