FBI conducted predawn raid of former Trump campaign chairman Manafort’s home
The search warrant, carried out July 26, shows newly aggressive techniques by the special counsel.
By Carol D. Leonnig  •  Read more »
‘God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un,’ evangelical adviser says
Southern Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress, who made the comments, preached the morning of Trump’s inauguration.
By Sarah Pulliam Bailey  •   Read more »
Why North Korea threatened Guam, the tiny U.S. territory with big military power
“I want to reassure the people of Guam that currently there is no threat to our island or the Marianas,” Guam Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo said Wednesday.
By Alex Horton  •   Read more »
The Plum Line • Opinion
Rex Tillerson just erased the reckless red line Trump drew on North Korea
But this raises a whole different set of reasons for alarm. Here’s why.
By Greg Sargent  •   Read more »
Answer Sheet • Analysis
Facts about our sun and moon that you’re embarrassed to admit you don’t know
See what you remember — and don’t — about these two heavenly bodies.
By Valerie Strauss  •   Read more »
Tourists stumbled upon a car crash — then saw the driver drag a body into the woods
Police say a Florida mother drove to West Virginia with daughter’s body and then tried to hide it.
By Derek Hawkins  •   Read more »
The Fix • Analysis
‘Predawn raid’: 2 words that just added huge intrigue to the Russia investigation
The raid of Paul Manafort’s home — and why it was necessary — only adds to the many questions surrounding the investigation.
By Aaron Blake  •   Read more »
Why Trump’s North Korea warnings were ‘unnecessary, scary, irresponsible’
Robert E. Kelly, a leading North Korea analyst, slammed the president’s “fire and fury” comments.
By Herman Wong  •   Read more »
Monkey Cage • Analysis
North Korea just called Trump’s bluff. So what happens now?
Trump’s fiery rhetoric has put the U.S. in a very difficult situation.
By Henry Farrell  •   Read more »
PowerPost • Analysis
The Daily 202: The GOP congressional majority may be too strong for Trump to break
We got a sneak peek of the 2018 Almanac of American Politics
By James Hohmann  •   Read more »
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The Fix • Analysis
Why is the FBI so interested in Paul Manafort that they were literally at his door before dawn?
In many ways, Trump’s former campaign chairman is in the eye of the Russia storm.
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It’s not clear what to do about North Korea. But it’s clear what not to do.
Trump does the wrong thing at the wrong time.
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A day-care driver didn’t count the children, police say. Hours later, one was found dead.
“This is an absolute tragedy, which could have been prevented,” Orlando Police Chief John Mina said.
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Verizon Center to become Capital One Arena, starting now
The Chinatown arena will get its third name in 20 years, starting immediately.
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How a gun-control group got the owner of Lock N Load to quit the business
The Florida gun store owner sold his business to settle a lawsuit filed by the Brady Center and the families of two gunshot victims.
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