Weight loss program and stories with Jump Start

It takes a team to implement and monitor your weight loss program. Do email your picture before and after.

Get a health and gym coach and exercise buddy. Email motherhealth@gmail.com for guidance listed below.

  1. Start with a jump start and avoidance of sugar and transfat.

weight loss program


jump start

I recommend Jumpt Start AgeLOC TR90 , add Distributorship/Sponsor ID #: USW9578356 when ordering as customer or distributor at:


  1. Supplement with AgeLOC vitality. Get adequate sleep, use portion control, de-stress, eat whole foods and exercise with supplementation.

ageloc vitality 11.JPG


  1. Maintain your weight with AgeLOC Youth. Spend 30 min each day for quick exercise such as quick fit cross fit or walking.


ageloc youth

Weight Loss Stories with Jumpt Start AgeLOC TR90

tr90 1tr90 2low back pain


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