It is comforting for us that our mother is beside us whenever we are sick as a young child. My brothers even they are in their 50s still call my mother to be at their side giving them massage as if her hands can heal. But it is true, my mother’s hands can heal. It can help lower the body’s temperature and her presence lowers the blood pressure too. A sign of relief and a sign of comfort when the dying is being prayed for. During the last prayer, a dying person gives his last fight and let it go, let life move on.

Terminally ill seniors at home need someone beside them , caring for them.  Home health caregivers or family members can do this but at times, you need respite or a reliever for 24/7 care.
At Motherhealth caregivers 408-854-1883, we assign 2 to 3 caregivers for 24/7 senior home health care service.

When asked by a friend what she is waiting for, she said I do not want to die right now without seeing my son who lives in Chicago. And so, the son arrived few days later and the mother gave her last breath.

Most of us wanted to be with another person in the same room when we leave this earth. It is like that warm hand or breath we need to be beside us to watch over us.

I became the go to caregiver for the dying or the hospice seniors who are terminally ill and dying in their homes.

There are those who were told by their doctors that they will expire in 3 months but their caregivers gave them love and care and they survived 5 more years. This is true with one of my caregivers who fed her client with greens (all the greens that she used to eat when she was growing up in the Philippines). She would take care of her client like her father, her own family.

Connie Dello Buono

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