FP News 8-14-2017

ALARM BELLS: The FBI and Department of Homeland Security warned of a growing threat from white supremacists months ago, Jana Winter reports: Read more
OUR MISSING PRESIDENT: Two crises in the past week demanded leadership of the singular sort that only the president can supply. Trump failed on both counts, Elephants in the Room’s Will Inboden writes: Read more
PROTECTED HATE SPEECH: This weekend’s deadly clash in Charlottesville, Virginia, is bound to fuel calls for increased regulation of hateful speech — but that wouldn’t solve the problem, FP’s Suzanne Nossel writes: Read more
TRUMP’S WORST WEEK: Many presidents have grown in office. Trump is shrinking before our eyes, and that’s saying something since he was already a moral and intellectual pygmy when he took the oath of office, FP’s Max Boot writes: Read more
EGYPTIAN WAR GAME: The U.S. military is preparing to restart a long-running military exercise with Egypt after President Barack Obama canceled it in 2013 to protest the killing of hundreds of protesters in Cairo, FP’s Paul McCleary writes: Read more

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