White nationalists marched on the grounds of the University of Virginia on Friday night in Charlottesville.

Edu Bayer for The New York Times

The Hate He Dares Not Speak Of

White supremacists see President Trump’s failure to condemn them as a sign of implicit support. Which of course it is. comment icon Comments


Before You Rip Up That Iran Deal …

Iranians in Qom, a city south of the capital Tehran, during the country’s presidential election in May.

The point is to curb its nuclear weapons program. Other issues, no matter how serious, can be handled separately.


When the President Is Un-American

President Trump during his statement to reporters about the events in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday.

Trumpism is a betrayal of our national identity.comment icon Comments


Single Payer or Bust?

Democrats should pause before making radical health care reform a litmus test.comment icon Comments


Christianity Does Not Justify Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’

The Rev. Robert Jeffress promoted a twisted theology that fetishizes violence.comment icon Comments


The ‘Free Speech’ Hypocrisy of Right-Wing Media

A crowd gathers during a rally for free speech near the University of California, Berkeley, campus in April.

Conservatives are obsessed with protecting “free speech,” but only the kind they agree with.


The Open Wounds of Charlottesville

A car slammed into a group of counterprotesters after a rally by white nationalists on Saturday in Charlottesville, Va. killing one and injuring at least 19.

Readers discuss the riot and President Trump’s failure to quickly condemn the violence.


Low-Skilled Immigrants?

Thousands of Mexican workers cross the border legally each night from Mexico into California, where they pick up work as agricultural day laborers in California’s Imperial Valley.

A reader disagrees with changing the legal immigration system to reduce the supply of “low skilled” workers.


Preventing Running Injuries

A reader suggests ways for runners to reduce the risk of injuries.


Canary in the Coal Mine

Coal mining operations near Decker, Mont.

The problem with the industry is not a regulatory one, a reader writes.


On Trump and White Nationalism

A shadow of one’s own.


Guam, America’s Forgotten Front Line

A child flies a kite at Asan Beach Park in Guam on Friday.

North Korea knows the island territory is critical to the United States. Too bad most Americans don’t.

A woman working at a collective farm near Moscow in 1955.

Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism

Yes, there was repression behind the Iron Curtain. But it wasn’t sexual.

Superfans in The Front Row

Shoving right up to the band.


President Trump Cannot Redeem Himself

His new words on Charlottesville — muted and late — weren’t enough. comment icon Comments


The Voices of Women in the Courtroom

Readers offer further suggestions for increasing the participation of female lawyers.


Juveniles and Solitary Confinement

A psychiatrist says the abolition of punitive isolation for young offenders is long overdue.


A Mother’s Challenges

A lawyer and mother points out the challenges she faced during and after pregnancy.


Christianity and Politics in America

A precinct clerk preparing Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Tampa, Fla., for use as a polling site for the Republican presidential primary in 2012.

An Op-Ed article discussing “the slide toward secularism” draws responses from readers.


Why the Nazis Came to Charlottesville

Torch-wielding white nationalists at the University of Virginia Friday evening.

And why I was wrong not to confront them.comment icon Comments


Gandhi Won’t Leave India

People in India still heap marigolds on images, like this, of Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy faces the challenge of neglect, obfuscation and co-option in contemporary India.


A Mad-Libbing President Is Mute on Neo-Nazis

President Trump speaking about the events in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday.

Trump’s words often provoke outrage. The latest outrage comes from what he wouldn’t say.

The four features below have received nominations for the 2017 News and Documentary Emmy Awards.


‘The Voter Suppression Trail’

Find out if your vote can survive the great, flawed adventure of American democracy.


The Click Effect

Dive under the sea and listen to the language of dolphins and whales in virtual reality.


4.1 Miles

In this short documentary, nominated for an Academy award, a coast guard captain on a Greek island is charged with saving thousands of refugees. comment icon Comments


‘If I Sleep for an Hour, 30 People Will Die’

A World War II hero saved the lives of rebels and refugees. Now it’s our turn.


Why Is the Plight of ‘Comfort Women’ Still So Controversial?

Wartime sex slavery isn’t a thorny issue just for Japan. In South Korea, it’s still taboo.

‘At the Stroke of Midnight My Entire Family Was Displaced’

The author’s mother, Rashida Begum, and father, Malik Fazal Haq, in photos taken around 10 years before partition.

Seventy years ago, millions of people were uprooted as British India was carved up along religious and political lines. Here are some of their stories.

Heng on Donald Trump’s Approach to North Korea

He’s playing a dangerous game.


The Real Suspense in Kenya

Raila Odinga was surrounded by supporters on Sunday in Mathare, a slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

The presidential election was close, but hanging over it has been the question of whether violence would spiral out of control.


Mr. Macron’s Homefront Flub

President Emmanuel Macron of France and his wife Brigitte at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, in July.

He has better things to do than to make “first lady” an official government position.


Netanyahu’s Fate Doesn’t Determine Israel’s Future

Supporters of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a Likud Party conference in Tel Aviv on Wednesday.

So why do so many Israelis think it does?


What U.Va. Students Saw in Charlottesville

White supremacists marched at the University of Virginia on Friday night.

“The alt-right rally,” said one student, “had nothing to do with a statue. It was about intimidation.”


What Trump Got Wrong on Charlottesville

President Trump spoke about the violence in Charlottesville, Va., at a previously scheduled event on health care for veterans on Saturday.

This weekend evil has a name, and it is white supremacy.comment icon Comments


Charlottesville and the Bigotocracy

White nationalists and neo-Nazis demonstrated in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday.

It is disheartening for black folk to see such a vile and despicable replay of history.


When Lady Liberty Triggers Trump Supporters

Visitors to Liberty Island pose in front of the Statue of Liberty last week.

A Breitbart editor feels attacked by the most iconic American symbol.

Vietnam ’67: A Newsletter About the War

American soldiers watching helicopters landing as part of Operation Pershing in South Vietnam in 1967.

Patrick Christain/Getty Images

Examining America’s long war in Southeast Asia through the course of a single year.