Dr Oz on nutritional biomarker

I learned from an expert panel of Medical Doctor’s and Healthcare professionals about this Nobel-Prize biometric device and supporting program to change the way that pracitioner’s engage with their patient’s around genetics, nutrition, inflammation and oxidative stress.
Increase your cell nutrients (positive outcome from your gene expression with selected nutrients also in PDR – Physician Desk  Reference and see Youtube Dr Oz Pharmanex scanner which validates the supplements from this store) , email motherhealth@gmail.com to own this store for you:
Here is Dr Oz and talking about this nutritional biomarker:

This objective measurement is what providers have been waiting for to objectively address their patients’ concerns on lifestyle choices and supplementation. The device is ready for mass marketing and provides a biomarker for patient health.

There are currently 1,500 of these devices in use worldwide and our goal is 50,000. Your timing is good from a business development standpoint. It is appropriate for almost every medical specialty.

For health care pros, doctors, nurses and other health coaches who want to incorporate this scanner to help others, you may join here (in 50 countries) :


And use Distributorship/sponsor ID #: USW9578356


Connie Dello Buono




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