Dan Rather said this President is some of the most chaotic we’ve ever seen

Equality PACDan Rather:

“What we have is the weakest, most chaotic, toxic and confusing first six months of any U.S. Presidency in history.”


Since Trump first took office, the White House has been in utter CHAOS:

— Trump still hasn’t gotten ANY major legislation passed.
— He continues to hire and fire staff faster than ANY Administration in history.
— And his bumbling tweets and leaked phone calls have made us the laughing stock of the world.

There’s no dignity to the Trump Administration. That’s why we agree with Dan Rather:


connie, we aren’t the only ones who agree with Mr. Rather:

The latest polls show that Trump’s empty promises, selfish policy ideas, and out of control Twitter habits have affected the views of Americans across the nation.

These past six months have been, like Dan Rather said, some of the most chaotic we’ve ever seen under ANY president.

It’s vital that we know where you stand. Click below if you agree with Dan Rather:



Thanks for all you do,

Equality PAC 

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