How do we measure, monitor and diagnose our own health

In the USA, only doctors can diagnose but we can write our own observations and share it with our doctors who will use lab data and physical check up to confirm the diagnosis.


  • We can compare our normal and abnormal signs and symptoms.
  • We can google the information we want to research or find information from many sources.
  • There are internet information and mobile application that can calculate, identify and help us self diagnose and self medicate.


  • We can use a BP, pulse oximeter, biomarker – Pharmanex scanner to measure our anti-oxidant level, or find our own way to observe our bodies.
  • Pale color under our eyelid may mean that we are anemic.
  • Lack of energy, moody, always sleeping, loss of appetite or no motivation may mean depression.
  • Monitor

  • Observations, wearables, BP, pulse oximeter, lab tests and other biomarkers can help us monitor our health.

  • Diagnose

    • We can self diagnose and go to the pharmacy, whole foods store or other sources to find our solution.
      I went to Whole Foods Store to buy an activated charcoal the next day after my diarrhea and during, I took water with tsp of apple cider vinegar.

Email of ways we use the internet and or our phone in monitoring, measuring and finding diagnosis of our own health or the health of others.