Do you have energy? Do you have good bowel movement? Are your eyes clear and not pale? Are your skin not dry? There are many signs that can tell you if your body is healthy or needing a boost from whole foods, supplementation and exercise.

Not all supplements are created equal.  Iron rich foods/supplements need to be taken in the morning while calcium rich foods/supplements should be taken in the afternoon. Vitamin E rich foods pair well with Vitamin E supplements. Same for water soluble vitamins/minerals. I do not recommend iron since sugar and iron are food for cancer cells. Do eat your colored fruits and vegetables.

I take my supplements of calcium, magnesium and other herbs to help me sleep.  Every other day, I would take my supplements rich in anti-oxidants , Vitamin E, C and B complex.  I know that I have good bowel movement and I can sleep well when I take my dietary supplements, exercise and eat whole foods.

There are many ways to know if your supplements are helping your body.  A scanner, created by NIH, can measure your anti-oxidants, the carotenoid. At early stage, this can also be a good indicator how well your body can fight any future cancer.

Below is a document describing the measurement of dermal carotenoid in breast cancer clinical trial.


Observe your energy, sleep patterns, bowel movement, skin texture, eyes, mouth, and other signs that your body is telling you about your health.

Your health spa, doctor or health/gym coach can use a scanner to measure your anti-oxidant level.

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