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Fire Trump's White Supremacists


It is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE that hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars are paying the salaries of white supremacists employed by Donald Trump. 

Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, and Sebastian Gorka all have long histories stained with white supremacist actions and rhetoric.

And Donald Trump has embraced them all. 

It’s DESPICABLE — and we’re determined to get them fired. Help us reach 50,000 grassroots signatures DEMANDING the immediate firing of Trump’s white supremacists:

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Here’s a brief summary of the white supremacist cretins that Trump has surrounded himself with:

— Sebastian Gorka is a proud member of a Nazi-aligned Hungarian extremist organization.[1]
— Steve Bannon promoted white supremacy as a founding member of the alt-right Breitbart News.
— And Jeff Sessions was deemed “TOO RACIST” to be admitted as a federal Judge.

These are the people Donald Trump chose to serve in his administration and whose salaries WE taxpayers have to pay.

Trump has given hatred and racism a platform and a voice on the mainstage. And as a direct result, we witnessed the tragic death of an innocent young woman last weekend by the hand of Nazi rioters.

We don’t know what else there is to say.

Grassroots progressives MUST stand together and demand the immediate firing of these despicable, racist individuals.

Help us collect 50,000 signatures for our petition to FIRE Trump’s white supremacists:

Hatred has no home in America. Help us prove that,

– The Progressive Turnout Project