Almost every American president has been transparent with his finances for the past 40 years – everyone except Donald Trump, that is. With all of the confusion around his possible collusion with Putin and Russia, this information is critical now more than ever.

Sign the petition now to urge the president to do what’s expected of him as a world leader and release his tax returns.

Donald Trump’s holdings of many foreign and domestic business interests are new territory for a president of the United States. With critical funding for public benefit programs being slashed left and right and his personal profits from the office being scrutinized, Americans have a right to see what he’s been doing with his finances.

Despite his comments about the “fake news” reporters being the only ones interested in seeing his returns, the American public actually does want to see what he’s been up to: a poll prior to Trump coming into office revealed that 75% of voters agree that the President should make his tax returns available.

We’re joining with a group of our coalition partners to put an end to the evasion and mystery, and demand Trump’s tax returns now.

Join us and sign now to demand that the President release his tax returns to the American public.

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Kelli Soto, Daily Kos

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Daily Kos
End Citizens United
Equality PAC
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