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Donald Trump’s E.P.A. tried to END critical protections curbing harmful smog pollution.

So California Attorney General Xavier Becerra took them to court! And Connie — the Trump Administration backed down!

But now the Trump Administration refuses to disclose documents describing any conflict of interest standards at the agency despite an official request by Xavier that required a response.

Will you stand with Xavier as he fights further to protect our environment >>



Donald Trump thought he could give Big Oil a pass by delaying a critical rule that would cut back on smog pollution.

But Connie, Xavier knows how critical these safeguards are for families in California to have access to clean air and water.

In California alone, this rule would save lives, cut back on hospital asthma visits, and prevent lost school days for children.

That’s why Xavier took a stand — and WON!

Xavier led a coalition of states and took Trump’s EPA head, Scott Pruitt, to court:

ThinkProgress - 'Pruitt reverses course on smog rule delay after 16 states sue'

Look — when Donald Trump puts our clean air and water in jeopardy — you better believe Xavier will fight back.

Right now, Xavier’s at it again — on Friday, he sued the EPA for failing to disclose documents revealing its conflict of interest standards under the Trump Administration.

So Connie, please add your name to thank Xavier for standing up for our environment!


Connie, Xavier knows that committing ourselves to these environmental standards will help save lives — period.

Please, add your name to thank Xavier for taking quick action to stop Trump:

-Team Xavier Becerra