Wednesday, August 16
Welcome to Editors’ Picks, FP’s round-up of the day’s best articles.

Today, we look at Berliners condemning the neo-Nazis who marched on Charlottesville, Virginia, accusations that the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen killed hundreds of children, and whether Germany’s car industry is deflating.

THE MADMAN’S DILEMMA: President Donald Trump may prize “unpredictability,” but history isn’t on his side, FP’s Stephen M. Walt writes: Read more
CONFIDENTIAL KILLINGS: A confidential U.N. report accuses the Saudi-led coalition of killing hundreds of children in the conflict in Yemen, FP’s Colum Lynch reports: Read more
BERLIN PROTESTS: Berliners gathered at Brandenburg Gate to denounce Charlottesville neo-Nazis, chanting “Nazi scum go away” and collecting donations for victims of the violence, Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian reports: Read more
DEFLATING INDUSTRY?: German car companies are driving the country off a cliff, Bernhard Rieger writes: Read more
SO FAR NOT SO GOOD: NAFTA negotiations, which began Wednesday, are off to a rocky start, FP’s Jesse Chase-Lubitz writes: Read more