Today, we look at Trump advisor Stephen Bannon’s plan to oust a top State Department Asia envoy, why President Donald Trump is a Nazi sympathizer, and the Visegrad 4’s bid for attention.
WIKILEAKS WITHHOLDS: The leak organization ignored damaging information on the Kremlin to focus on Hillary Clinton and election-related hacks, FP’s Jenna McLaughlin reports: Read more
MONUMENTAL SHAME: Lessons from post-Nazi Germany and post-Soviet Eastern Europe on what to do with a heinous statue, Paul Cooper writes: Read more
UNDERSTATED: Bannon boasts of plans to oust a top State Department Asia envoy, who happens to be one of the few career diplomats Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has come to rely on, FP’s Robbie Gramer writes: Read more
PRESIDENT NAZI SYMPATHIZER?: No one can hide his true nature. Never has this been more accurate for an American president than in the case of Trump, Shadow Government’s Reuben Brigety writes: Read more
DOES ANYONE CARE?: What do diplomats from relatively small countries that aren’t on the brink of war or an international crisis do to attract attention from the U.S. president? The Visegrad 4 holds a press conference, FP’s Emily Tamkin writes: Read more