Nitric Oxide Dump Exercise with nose breathing to lower blood pressure and thin blood
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DMSO, hydrogen peroxide and Vit C fight cancer cells
Eggplant and apple cider vinegar for skin cancer
Philippines Coconut Wine -Tuba
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Fasting, sun bathing ,Vit C, Lysine, turmeric, green tea, carrots and raw food diet to reduce tumor size
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Support your aging mechanisms , epigenetic way
Tanglad or lemongrass to help lower blood pressure
Growth hormone DHEA increases libido/anti-aging
The New York Times confirms Trump is not only a racist in public, but ‘in private’ 
Menopause and Type 2 diabetes
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Nitric Oxide for strong blood vessels’ cells , up with exercise, melons, cucumber, Vit C, E, amino acid – L-arginine, L-citrulline
President Trump playing footsie with racists and been doing it for years
Possible Roots of Schizophrenia Uncovered
Anti-aging and Parkinson/Alzheimer’s prevention: Enzymes and apple cider vinegar
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra took Donald Trump’s E.P.A.
Gastroparesis, Betain HCL, diabetes and stomach health
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Possible Roots of Schizophrenia Uncovered
New York Times 8-17-2017
Philippines president Dutarte asked each town to prepare a list of drug users and pushers
Stomach ulcers root causes
What is Precision, predictive and Personalize Medicine vs patient-centered care
Detox your lungs from air pollution and metal toxins and for early lung cancer
Yohimbine and sleep apnea
Washington Post 8-17-2017
Boston’s mayor: Please immediately shut down the so-called “Free Speech” by hate groups rally on Saturday
How to know if your supplements are working for you?
A racist so called President defends white nationalists, KKK and neo nazi
Parkinson and Exercises
How to make chocolate covered almonds
Prioritize health prevention forum on Aug 23 in Los Altos
Dr Mercola’s book – Fat for Fuel
Pubmed: Dietary modification may affect inflammatory processes
Dr Mercola: Why 10x More American Women Die From This Deficiency Than Australians
StartUp Health Companies in the News
Roman Coriander, Fennel flower or Black Cumin Seed Oil as an anti-tumor, anti-gastritis and anti-convulsant oil
Liver health and hepatitis C
What is the best smartwatch to buy under $200? (for iPhone)
Stop being President for all colors and creed
A tsp of apple cider vinegar in your drinking water for colon cleanse
Steve Bannon should be fired NOW
Why a Sugar High Leads to a Brain Low
In Sympathetic Nervous System Why the digestion of food is slow? Where as in fight or flight we need more energy.?
FP Editor’s picks 8-16-2017
Whole foods prevent inflammation
Hair loss,breast cancer, Zinc and Copper balance
Baking soda for mosquito bites
Do you APPROVE of the job Donald Trump is doing?
Companies uniting to change health care through Health Transformation Alliance
How to Stay Sane if Trump is Driving You Insane: Advice From a Therapist
Anabolic and catabolic process, hormones and exercise
Iodine prevents cancer growth; up avocado and reduce caffeine intake to prevent Thyroid cancer
What makes the inherited genetic material beneficial?
Cash flow analysis worksheet template
How caregivers are paid more at Motherhealth
Dr Oz on nutritional biomarker
When will Souvenaid become available in Canada and US to treat Alzheimer’s Disease?
Amazon: Stop advertising on Breitbart
Weird Facts about Tall and Short People by Lisa Collier Cool
C-corporations for doctors and high net income clients to help reduce income taxes
Admiral McRaven, on how one man can change the world
Surviving prostate cancer by Dr Mercola
Donny Deutsch on Morning Joe: ‘We have a racist as President’ 
How to Stay Sane if Trump is Driving You Insane: Advice From a Therapist
John Cleese: Letter to the United States of America
How to get faster response when hiring a caregiver for seniors?
Anti-cancer Resveratrol in grapes, berries and peanuts
Vitamin D Promotes Protein Homeostasis and Longevity via the Stress Response Pathway Genes
Men who sleep less than 5 hours a night have 55% higher risk of prostate cancer
Cholera killed thousands in Yemen
Washington Post Evening News- Graphic: The new findings in Russia’s bold campaign to influence the U.S. election
Fungus , raw carrots and prostate cancer
How Neurons Talk to Each Other
How Neurons Talk to Each Other
So called President must release his tax returns
ALOE FEROX plant extract (a laxative agent in South Africa) increased intestinal secretion and motility in constipated rats
Signs of Lupus in women
Anti-cancer Resveratrol in grapes, berries and peanuts
Spices that boost testosterone
Eggs for happiness/joy
After breast cancer surgery, be vigilant to measure anti-oxidant level
Increase the body’s oxygen carrying capacity with exercise, EPO and whole foods
Nominate your best doctor in the bay area
Malignant reach of the liar so-called President
Why a Sugar High Leads to a Brain Low
Immune system, bone marrow, anti-cancer, shark oil
Migraine, Headaches, magnesium and steps to cure
New Cause of Schizophrenia Uncovered
30-min weight bearing exercise and nutrients for bone health
Addiction, risk takers brain scan
How to know if your supplements are working for you?
Is it possible to change metabolism through diet?
Shampoo ingredients causing nerve damage
Tell Twitter: Crack down on @RealDonaldTrump
Cancer cells want high fat and an attack on the Pancreas
New York Times 8-15-2017
Marketers needed for March 16 Worldgn Launch in the Philippines
Impeach so called President and his white supremacists
Food and Drug Interactions
Burn Fat by knocking out the gene that produces folliculin in fat cells, thru exercise and eating Vitamin C and iron-rich foods
Help! Need Your Ideas for Great Protest Signs for the April 15 Trump Tax March
The New Yorker 8-15-2017
Slow the aging process by lengthening your telomeres
Mucus might prove useful in treating IBD, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease
Skilled Nursing Facilities in the Bay area 
It takes a village to have better health outcomes
Would there never even be a statue of Donald J. Trump?
7 million premature deaths annually linked to air pollution – 2012
miRNA inherited disease, DNA repair, cancer, alcoholism, obesity,heart disease
Not patentable anti-cancer plant-fruit , soursop or Guyabano fruit, Vitamins C and B-rich
Silkworm enzymes for blood clots, cysts, arterial plaque and inflammation
How you can help in health education
“Ivanka & Jared: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Lectin, gluten, stomach, fasting, toxins, wheat, and foods
Take care of your Thyroid gland, 240% increase in Thyroid cancer among women
Secret to Happiness May Include More Unpleasant Emotions
Cost of senior care services
The New Yorker 8-17-2017
Youth gene expression , vitality and aging
Reducing belly fat
10 Myths in UTI treatment
Sign the petition: Elect the president by national popular vote
What Coffee Does to the Heart, Brain, & Body – Dr. Alan Mandell D.C.
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